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Construction technology of epoxy graphene zinc powder coating

1. Preparations for removing rust

Before painting, the surface of the metal structure should be removed from oil, dust, rust, oxide and other attachments, so that the surface to be coated is clean, dry and pollution-free. Grease and paint marks on the surface of the steel structure should be cleaned with solvents first, and if there is still a layer of rust attached to the surface, then use power tools, steel brushes or other tools to remove. The welding spatter and bead near the weld on the surface of the structure must be cleaned with power tools or steel brushes. After the rust removal is completed, the dirt and debris attached to the surface should be cleaned, if there is residual oil, should be cleaned with solvent. Under normal circumstances, the use of epoxy Fuxin primer environment should reach S2.5 level.

2.Paint Preparation

During the construction process and before the coating drying and curing, the ambient temperature should be maintained at 5-38 ° C, the relative humidity should not be greater than 90%, and the air should be circulated. When the wind speed is greater than 5m/s, or rainy days and the surface of the component is exposed, it is not suitable for operation. Epoxy Sun Art primer is A multi-component product, and component A should be fully stirred before use, so that the upper and lower layers of paint are uniform without visible deposits or caking. Component A and component B are mixed according to the ratio marked in the product description, accurately weighed, and can be painted after standing for a period of time.

 3.Apply primer

Brush or spray a layer of epoxy high-art anti-corrosion primer on the surface of the treated metal structure, dry for about 12h, the thickness of the film is about 30-50μm; After the first coat of brush primer dries, brush the next coat in the same way until the design and specification requirements are met.

 When applying, be sure to apply in place, brush fully, and brush well. When using a paint brush, you should use the straight grip method and use the wrist force to operate.

 4.Inspection and Repair

Inter-process inspection includes whether the surface treatment meets the specifications and design requirements, the thickness of the paint layer (including the thickness of each layer and the total thickness) and integrity; During the final inspection, the coating should be continuous, uniform, flat, no particles, no drip or other defects, the coating color is uniform, and the thickness meets the design requirements. If the paint layer has problems such as dew bottom, damage, color inconsistency, etc., it should be partially repaired or overall repaired according to the above process according to the size and severity of the defect.

Post time: Sep-05-2023